I never considered how helpful it is to share thoughts, feelings, emotion, strategy – anything, that is currently on my mind with someone who is a stranger, somehow who is not biased to who I am and be led to perspectives that I have been blocking myself by the so-called “limiting beliefs.” 

One of the most valuable aspects of me being coached, is the opportunity to confide in someone who doesn’t have preconceived notions about me. My coach, based out of Croatia, a fine and experienced lady from the banking industry, is there solely to support and guide me, without any personal agenda or bias. I realise that I am experiencing that level of openness and vulnerability that might be difficult to achieve with friends or family members. And how come it appears to be difficult to confine in those closest to you?  

“Limiting Beliefs” and fear of challenging them. 

By sharing my thoughts, feelings, and strategies with my coach, I am creating a safe space for self-reflection and exploration. I see the room being opened for powerful insights and a deeper understanding of myself. I am discovering patterns of thought and behaviour that have been holding me back, my “limiting beliefs.” Self-doubt is applicable to everyone of us. If someone tells me “I never doubt my capabilities” I am afraid this is just the mask, we carry along. One needs to be brave enough to admit that we cannot always be perfect and in our top shape. 

With the guidance of my coach, I have pinned down my limiting beliefs – now my challenge is how to dismantle them and start replacing them with more empowering and constructive perspectives. This “self-acknowledgement” can open up a world of possibilities and help me see opportunities that I may have overlooked before. 

How many of us have ever received “objective” feedback? And I put objective in quotations, because at the back of our mind there is a voice that doubts the credibility of what we’re being told. Why so? Because we all want to be perfect and no one in the world can and should tell us …  we’re not. My coach is doing me a big favour – she is truly giving objective feedback and fresh perspectives – she hardly knows me. 

I am learning to embrace and welcome the discomfort of confronting my limiting beliefs. Not easy, no!  

Why have I decided to take on a coach? 

Coaches themselves also benefit tremendously from coaching for several important reasons: 

  • Personal Growth and Development: Just like my clients, I am on a continual journey of my personal growth. I have my own aspirations, challenges, and areas where I seek improvement. I want to know the fresh perspectives, insights, and tools to enhance my own lives. 
  • Maintain Objectivity: I am human, and I do have my own biases, blind spots, and emotional responses. The coach helps me maintain objectivity and helps me provide the best possible support to my clients. I can step back, reflect, and come at peace with my thoughts and feelings. 
  • Enhancement of my Professional Skill: Coaching is a skill that requires ongoing development. If I want to be good for my clients, I need to stay updated on the latest techniques, methodologies, and best practices.  
  • Role Modelling and Integrity: Coaches are seen as role models for their clients. Being a good role model is not comfortable shoes to walk in. Everyone needs once in a while help in order to move ahead out of a situation. I make no exception on this.  
  • Avoid Burnout: I am in the business of helping others, and this can be emotionally draining if not managed properly. I am learning to recognize signs of burnout or compassion fatigue early on and do what I can to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. 
  • Staying Inspired and Energized: Coaching can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging. I also need a source of inspiration and energy to continue providing high-quality support to you.

Now that I laid it on paper – my thoughts and feelings – I have no clue how to end this “personal exposure”…. Maybe no ending is needed… as the journey is yet starting… 

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