The game of “Sales” is changing rapidly. However, one thing that remains paramount is putting the needs of the customers first. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, AI or any emerging technologies will not get you far enough.

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) is a B2B sales process based on the customer buying process and a sales methodology that provides salespeople with a complete “what and how” to do at every stage of the process to be successful.

With CCS®, you will build lasting and trustful client relationships and lock down sustainable revenue growth for the future.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Can’t get access to the right decision-makers? 
  • You’re losing deals due to lack of response from prospect at closure? 
  • Your negotiation technique is death by discounting until prospect says ‘yes’? 
  • Your sales pipeline health and forecasting sound like fairy tales? 


Why CustomerCentric Selling®?

  • Proven B2B sales process that delivers the promised results. 
  • Set a clear approach to address the client’s needs first.  
  • Empower prospects to solve problems and reach their goals.  
  • Focus on problem solving rather than feature-based solutions. 
  • Empowering prospects instead of trying to “sell” them. 
CustomerCentric Selling®

CCS® delivers value:

CustomerCentric Selling®

Key components:

  • Process-based sales: understand the behavioral indicators of the customer’s decision-making process at each milestone. 
  • Consultative Selling Practices: stimulate the client to go through the next stages of the decision-making process. 
  • Sales Ready Messaging® tools: A coherent set of scenarios, forms, templates – creating a sales knowledge base (sales content). 
  • Sales competency builder – Guidelines for the development of knowledge and skills for salespeople. 
  • Process deliverables and progress measures 
  • Sales funnel management – your forecast accuracy and business opportunities health tracker. 

What clients say about CCS®


“Implementing CustomerCentric Selling® as a business process has helped us to establish a better measurement system for territory and account planning, and for pipeline health and analysis. As we grow, we are leveraging our sales process to ultimately ensure a more consistent and efficient way of operating.”
(Joe Francis, VP of Global Operations, QlikTech Inc.)  


“CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) has helped us to dramatically optimize our sales performance by bringing our salespeople onto the same page with regard to how we sell, the language we use and the process we follow.”
(John Dooley, VP of Global Sales, Knove) 


“Since CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS), we have some salespeople reporting 143% of quota achievement worldwide, even with shortfalls in the international channel, which is their new focus since they now have their domestic business humming. Feel free to refer our success with our CCS implementation to any of your students or prospects. And I also want you to know that as powerful as Solution Selling was, this CCS (methodology) has it absolutely nailed infinitely better, in subtle but incredibly important ways. Thank God we got rid of the dreaded 9-boxes! This one works.”
(Russ Camacho, Director Sales L-3 Communications Infrared Products) 

The core aspects of CCS®

The course focuses on: 

  • The Foundation is looking in-depth at the three levels of buyer need, how buyer behavior changes during the sales cycle, how to create a Targeted Conversation List™, how to articulate the differences between usage and features, and the critical CCS® sales skills. 
  • Goal identification supporting environmental questions to pre-qualify a prospect and align with their vision, understand the four potential responses you’ll get when you ask the goal identification question, and link a desired business outcome to an initial expression of interest. 
  • Solution Development techniques and learning the CCS® Solution Development Prompter® , how to measure cost and establish value unique to your offering, how to expand the buyer’s vision (biased toward your offering) by getting additional goals shared, and how to answer the 8 call debriefing questions to audit the quality of the conversation. 
CustomerCentric Selling®
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  • Qualifying a Champion and learning how to ask for and gain access to other key players within the buyer’s organization, process “yes” and “no” answers when you ask for access, utilize different types of proof to gain access, and execute five different competitive strategies of how you’ll compete, including a “plausible business emergency” strategy. 
  • Key Player Calls focusing on how to establish rapport with key players, set clear meeting objectives, provide a relevant introduction to your company and yourself, gain buy-in by identifying their “what’s in it for me?” need, and navigate a “four-legged” sales call.  
  • Opportunity Qualification and Control and how to communicate potential benefits to the buying committee, determine and agree to evaluation criteria, negotiate a mutually agreed to “Sequence of Events,” and interpret and react to Phase 2 buyer behaviors. 
  • Negotiations where you will learn how to avoid common negotiating blunders, understand how buyers buy, how to prepare to negotiate, learn how to deal with procurement and purchasing agents, and realize the profound impact of reduced discounting to your company, and to you personally. 
  • Pipeline Management and understand the milestones to use to grade pipeline opportunities so that you can improve the accuracy of your sales forecasting. Learn to identify bottlenecks and the skills necessary to address them, and accurately calculate the health of your pipeline. 


The course is blended: self-learning and instructor-led and fully backed up with practical exercise around real-life case studies analysis, round table discussions and working in pairs.  

The course spans 10 days with ~2-3 hrs sessions depending on the topic.

CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Performance Management Online

Sales Performance Management Online is a comprehensive development program to help sales leaders effectively

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Implement and reinforce the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process


Execute a Performance Management Process including setting targets and expectations, measuring performance, and coaching and developing salespeople, and


Develop a pipeline management and forecasting process. The course includes 48 instructional videos and practice exercises, a 240-page workbook, relevant articles, and downloadable templates and reporting tools.